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Who We Are?

Laser Engineering and Resources Consultants Limited is a Nigerian indigenous company that renders services to the oil and gas industry. Registered in 1990 with her roots in the university.
The vision of Laser Engineering is to become an enduring organization that utilizes available resources to solve intellectual aspects of problems in the oil and gas industry.
The company started with Manpower Development and today, Laser Engineering has expanded its scope of operations to include complete reservoir management studies involving all aspects of petroleum engineering, geology, and economics. 

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Laser Laboratory Equipment

For PVT Services, Laser is the first to introduce mecury-free PVT Laboratory in Nigeria and perhaps Africa. 
In Reservoir Management, Laser is the first company to introduce the use of the foremost reservoir modelling tool, Petrel, in Nigeria. We acquired the software from Tecnoguide in Aberdeen.

All The Services We Provide For You

Laser Engineering established the very first Mercury-Free state-of-the-art PVT Laboratory facility in West Africa.
Our personnel are highly experienced in PVT fluid sampling, analysis and data interpretation.
Some of our PVT Laboratory services include:

  • Fluid Sampling & Storage of oil, gas & produced water
  • Hydrocarbon Fluids Compositional Analysis
  • Advanced Hydrocarbon Phase Behavior
  • Bubble/Dew Point Pressure determination

Laser offers consultancy services in various reservoir management capacities. The Company carries out comprehensive reservoir studies leading to optimal field development plan for asset management purposes for major and marginal field operators. Our studies encompass the use of classical and special geological and reservoir engineering analysis
Some of our reservoir study services include:

  • Geological/Static Modeling
  • Petrophysical Study
  • Reservoir Simulation Study
  • Well Test Analysis

Laser Engineering runs a slickline service that goes a long way to improve services and add value to the Oil and Gas industry. Slickline is used for acquiring data that is utilized for reservoir surveillance, determination of simulation candidates, gaslift optimization, input for reservoir simulation, and material balance calculations
Some of our slickline services include:

  • BHP Test
  • Well Integrity
  • Test Wax Cutting
  • SCSSV Retrieval & Installation

Laser's complete suite of Environmental & Laboratory Services and state of the art data collection techniques provides unique insights into the environmental aspects of our client’s activities/projects related to air, water (surface, groundwater & formation), soil and oil.

Some of our services include:

  • Formation water analysis
  • Soil analysis
  • Crude Assay
  • Water portability test

The positive displacement sampler(PDS) allows for the capture of representative down hole reservoir fluid samples.The sampler can also be utulised to take single phase samples(SPS) and maintain them at a pressure above reservoir conditions,for analysis back at the laboratory.

Research and Development

Laser Engineering is adding CORE ANALYSIS, Well site Core Handling/Preservation and Storage to her suite of services. This will be a fulfillment of her dream of becoming a complete Reservoir Integrated Service provider in the areas of Reservoir Description, Production Enhancement and Reservoir Management for the Oil and Gas industry. 

Some of our services include:

  • Relative Permeability
  • Capillary Pressure
  • Formation Factor& Electrical Resistivity
  • Wettability

The Laser Petroleum Geoscience Centre
The Laser Petroleum Geoscience Centre offers an integrated course program with a wide range of taught courses and practical work and provision of world – class teaching and research facilities. 

Laser engineering and Resources Consultants Limited has confidently established this school as a Centre of Excellence for Petroleum Geoscience for both Nigerian and worldwide recruitment. 

Pioneer students started by October 2008. Students take 24 course modules in six months and undergo six months of internship before the award of Diploma in Applied Petroleum Geoscience.

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