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LASER offers consultancy services in various reservoir management capacities. The Company carries out comprehensive reservoir studies leading to optimal field development plan for asset management purposes for major and marginal field operators. Our studies encompass the use of classical and special geological and reservoir engineering analysis. We also employ the use of analytical geological and engineering tools, and, static and dynamic numerical modeling tools. Our consultancy can be in form of reservoir studies, asset management, provision of skilled manpower, and software.


Some of our reservoir study services include:

⦁ Seismic Interpretation

⦁ Static Modeling

⦁ Petrophysical Study

⦁ Exploration Study

⦁ Reservoir Simulation Study

⦁ Well Test Analysis

⦁ Reserve Estimation Study

⦁ Gaslift Design & Optimization

⦁ Production System Optimization/Well Problem Diagnosis

⦁ Supervision of BHPTests

⦁ Integrated Field Studies

Laser is also involved in Asset Management Consultancy. It has been our experience that most operators who commission field studies do not often have skilled personnel who properly understand the results of the field studies, let alone implement them. This is even more so as the operators hardly have enough of their own technical personnel as part of the study team, in studies undertaken by third party organizations. The result is a gap between the study and implementation of its results. This shortfall is what Laser’s asset management consultancy covers.

In Asset Management Consultancy, Laser supplies a team of skilled geoscientists and engineers who function as core reservoir management professionals in the Asset Management Teams of major and marginal field operators.

Seismic Interpretation

Our experience in integrated reservoir studies has led us to develop full seismic interpretation expertise. Our workflow is designed in a way that all necessary data needed for modeling, planning and management are generated with major interest focused at data that reduce uncertainty and reveal reservoir heterogeneity. The integral part of our workflow includes: 2D seismic data balancing (for 2D seismic data), mapping of faults, generation of fault polygons and fault sticks, horizon interpretation and mapping, generation of synthetic seismogram plus velocity modeling, well-to-seismic match, time-depth conversion, generation and analysis of seismic attributes, and geobody extraction. In more advance studies, we do AVO analysis. We integrate all knowledge of sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology, structural geology and subsurface mapping, and regional geology into our studies with intent to improve the integrity of our interpretation. Available software includes R500 Geographix, Openworks, and PETREL.

Manpower and Sofware Supply

Manpower and Software Supply

Laser supplies skilled manpower and software to various clients. Under this arrangement, the company will supply skilled manpower who will act as support staff in specialized fields. We also lease software.





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