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Laser Engineering runs Slickline service that goes a long way to improving services and adding value to the Oil and Gas industry. Slickline can be used to acquire data that is utilized for reservoir surveillance, determination of simulation candidates, gas lift optimization, input for reservoir simulation, and material balance calculations. Our slickline operations contribute in setting new standards in the industry with particular reference to bottom-hole pressure test analysis, welltest supervision, and information data.
Our state-of-the-art equipment for this service includes rugged Slimline, Flyline and CS Skid units (k-winch) from ASEP of Holland which are zone 2 complaint. Our memory gauges are reliable and have large memory capacities and produce excellent data quality. The software for analysis and interpretation are from the best world-class software developers.

Services include:
  • BHP
  • SCSSV Retrieval & Installation
  • Well Integrity Test
  • Wax Cutting
  • Well Integrity Test
  • Gaslift Valve Retrieval & Installation
  • Zone Change
  • Swabbing
  • Fishing
  • Plugging & Unplugging
  • Completion
  • Bottom hole Sampling
  • NOV Elmar Flyline Winch

Flyline winches are the solution in situations where critical requirements such as access, footprint or weight are a key factor in winch selection. For example, if urgency of the situation justifies heli transport or a fast boat, or if space or access are too restricted for a container-format winch. The Flyline is a lightweight, compact dual-lift wireline winch unit, suitable for rapid deployment onshore and offshore in temperate and tropical climates.

Features/Benefits of our Flyline Unit

  • Fully certified frame meet the most stringent certification standards
  • Dual-lift for ease of transport
  • Ultra-lightweight for fast heli-deployment
  • Open operator station on winch module for visibility and light weight
  • Powerful water-cooled four cylinder diesel engine delivering up to 54 kW (72 HP)
  • Smallest footprint in a winch of this capacity: small, but powerful!
  • Power pack designed to run quietly non-stop
  • Reliable NOV Elmar patented closed loop hydraulic system for trouble-free operation
  • Unique hydraulic transmission for stable winch speed and maximum control

  • Weight and format ideal for offshore operations
  • Fitted with drainage drip tray to eliminate environment impact and spillage from well fluids and lubricants
  • Optional ATEX certification available to meet European sector requirements
  • Extensive customising options, because every customer has different needs
  • Double Drum
  • Auxillary Drive
  • Jacking Wheels
  • SmartMonitor 12”

  • Power Pack

Engine: four cylinder diesel engine providing 54 kW (72 HP) @ 2,400 rpm
Starter system: spring / hydraulic / air
Electrical rig supply: 115 VAC 60 Hz / 230 VAC 50 Hz
Diesel reservoir: 108 Litres, 28 US Gallon
Engine controls: Start and stop / Hour counter / Monitoring and safety system
Control Panel

Hydraulic main pressure gauge

Line tension valve
Winch direction and speed control valve
Brake control
Emergency stop button


  • Fast/quick response to pressure & temperature change
  • Zero maintenance
  • Quartz-Crystal
  • Piezo-resistive sensor/strain Gauge
  • Data set content (Pressure, Temperature, Time)
  • Large memory capacity (≥500,000 data sets)
  • Multi Sample program segment
  • Sample interval (1 second – 1 hour)
  • Unique small size (Single 10.3”, tandem 19.2”)

Bottom Hole Sampling Service

For capturing fluid samples from the reservoir for PVT analysis. Run on slickline and fired by mechanical clocks.

Features of Single Phase Bottom Hole Sampler

  • Provide a high quality representative Bottom Hole Sample
  • Maintain Sample in Single Phase (Using Nitrogen)
  • Suitable for sour service, H2S, Co2 and High GOR wells
  • Fast redress ability
  • Ability to validate sample in sample chamber and ship to lab without transfer
  • Transfer of sample into a pressurized cylinder using the Micro Field Transfer Bench (MFTB) during field operation

Memory Production Logging

Production Logging is a field operation activity that is carried out in a producing well in the attempt to quantitatively access the flow and phase behaviour of the production.

Whenever the word “Production Logging” is mentioned the usual acronyms that come to mind are PLT or MPLT which stands for “Production Logging Tool” or “Memory Production Logging Tool”. PLT is run with E-Line which data can be assessed instantaneously on surface whereas MPLT is run with a slickline unit and data acquired is stored in a memory chip inside the tool.
Currently we can provide cased hole logging services using our state-of-the-arts slickline units.






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