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Our catalysts for achievements in oil and gas industry

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform Laser Engineering and Resources Consultants Limited into an enduring Organization that utilizes available resources to solve the intellectual aspects of the problems of Organizations in the Oil and Gas industry.

Our Strength

Our Strength

Our major strength is our staff. Laser Engineering has a team of dedicated, experienced and loyal staff who are working tirelessly to make their mark in the Oil & Gas industry.

The Company’s motto, which is ‘Teamwork and Innovation’, has been the catalyst for its achievement in the industry.

Laser is known for quality jobs achieved through the application of efficient and professional methods. The Company has won incentives for executing jobs professionally.

Our Mission

Our Mission

  • To provide excellent services to all clients
  • To add to local content by developing and encouraging use of indigenous resources
  • To develop work ethics that ensure protection of life, property and environment
  • To provide on the job training for the Nigerian youth

Our Objectives

Our Objectives

To achieve this policy, we have adopted the ISO 9001:2015 QMS philosophy to effectively plan, organize and implement the following corporate objectives:

  1. Timeless and cost effective service delivery
  2. Ensuring maintenance and updating of equipment and infrastructure
  3. Ensure that employees are competent and motivated
  4. Ensure the use of quality materials as inputs
  5. Ensure the right environment for service delivery

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Service excellence: Offering world class services and achieving excellence through diligence

Integrity: maintain a high degrees of honesty and sincerity in relating to others in line with work ethics

Accountability: responsibility for our actions to customers, staff, Government and Regulatory bodies

Respect: utmost respect and regards for client, host communities, environment and personal safety

Our Projections

  • To transform Laser Engineering and Resources Consultants into a Top-Class Oil and Gas Servicing Firm.
  • To engage in Data Acquisition for Industries, to mitigate problems encountered in analyzing data collected by vendors who pay little or no attention to appropriate procedures.
  • To increase our capacity for Manpower Development training by building a full-fledged training center with excellent facilities, catering, accommodation, etc.
  • To establish Branches of Laser Engineering Consultants in other African countries.
  • To build a crop of Consultants who are internationally acclaimed in their various disciplines, to solve knotty problems in the Oil and Gas lndustry.
Our operational excellence in oil and gas servicing stands firmly on three legs – the safety of our personnel, customers and stakeholders, safeguarding our equipment and assets of our clients as well as protection of the environment where we operate.

That is why in Laser Engineering, nothing is more important than safety and it is our culture that no job is so important and no service is so urgent that we cannot take time to perform our work safely.

This important culture working in resonance with other business principles provide high level guidance towards achieving our aim of setting a benchmark in our entire operational excellence.

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We deliver Reservoir Management, Environmental, Manpower, Slickline, Laboratory and Research & Development services in a manner that ensures customers and stakeholder’s satisfaction through the compliance with best practices and provisions for continual improvement.
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