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About Us

Laser’s complete suite of Environmental & Laboratory Services and state-of-the-art data collection techniques provides unique insights into the environmental, laboratory, and production chemistry aspects of our client’s activities/projects related to air, water (surface, groundwater & formation), soil, oil & gas.

 Our VIsion

To be a world-class certified Laboratory for research, analysis, and training in production chemistry and environmental issues in the Oil & Gas and manufacturing industry

Our Mission

♦ To be committed to personnel technical advancement and teamwork.
♦ To continually improve the quality of data generated by strengthening our instrumentation and QA/QC.
♦ To make use of the right inputs.
♦ To support Business Development Unit in getting more jobs.

To achieve this, we are subscribed to AQUACHECK LGC standards, a UKAS-accredited international provider of proficiency testing (PT) services, and our performance have been excellent.

Laboratory Service Analysis

♦ Our Accreditation & Certifications
⦁ ISO 17025:2017
⦁ ISO 9001:2015
⦁ FMEnv

Our Services

Our Laboratory is accredited with ISO 17025 as per Laboratory testing and certified to ISO 9001. Our laboratory services include;

Analytical Laboratory Services

♠  Water Potability Test
♠ Effluent Analysis
♠ Soil Analysis
♠ Plant/ Animal Tissue Analysis
♠ Drill Cutting/ Mud Analysis
♠ Others, as may be needed by our clients

Production Chemistry Services

♠ Compatibility Test
♠ Crude Oil Fingerprint Analysis
♠ Formation Water Characterization
♠ Unknown Solids Characterization/ Identification
♠ Residual Triazine in Analysis
♠ Sand Cut and Particle Size Distribution
♠ Organic Acid Analysis
♠ Crude Assay

Microbiology Laboratory Services

♠ Microbiology Analysis
♠ Molecular Biology Analysis (DNA Sequencing)

Environmental Consultancy Services

♠ Environmental Training
♠ Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
♠ Post Impact Assessment Study (PIAS)
♠ Environmental Baseline Study (EBS)
♠ Environmental Evaluation Study
♠ Biodiversity Initiative Study
♠ Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping
♠ Environmental Modeling/Simulation Studies
♠ Due Diligence Investigation and Site Closure

Food and Beverage Services

Analysis of Bottled/Packaged Drinking Water as per Nigeria Industry Standard (NIS-977:2017)

 Analysis of Natural Mineral Water as per NIS-345:2008

 Analysis of Drinking Water Quality as per NIS-554:2015

 Analysis of Fruit Juice as per NIS-235:2008

 Analysis of Soft Drink as per NIS-217:2008

 Analysis of Malt Drinks as per NIS: 290:2013

 Analysis of Alcoholic Beverages-Beers as per NIS-219:2013

 Analysis of White Bread as per NIS-75:2004





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