Environmental Laboratory

Laser’s complete suite of Environmental & Laboratory Services and state of the art data collection techniques provides unique insights into the environmental, laboratory and production chemistry aspects of our client’s activities/projects related to air, water (surface, groundwater & formation), soil, oil & gas.


To be a world class Research, reference and Training analytical Laboratory, where critical industrial and analytical problems are referred and client’s satisfaction guaranteed through generation of excellent data, guided by the requirement of ISO 17025


♦ To be committed to personnel technical advancement and team work.
♦ To continually improve the quality of data generated by strengthening our instrumentation and QA/QC.
♦ To make use of right inputs.
♦ To support Business Development Unit in getting more jobs.

To achieve this, we are subscribed to AQUACHECK LGC standards, a UKAS accredited international provider of proficiency testing (PT) services and our performance have been excellent.

We are certified to ISO 9001 and are in the process of getting ISO 17025 certified as per General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories is the main ISO standard used by testing and calibration laboratories.

We also possess the current Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) and the Federal Ministry of Environment permits to render specialist laboratory and environmental services to government institutions, oil/gas exploration & production and manufacturing industry in the following areas:


Our Laboratory is certified to ISO 9001 and very familiar with the requirement and implementation of ISO 17025 as per Laboratory testing and calibration. Our laboratory services include;

Analytical Laboratory Services

♠ Water Potability Test
♠ Effluent Analysis
♠ Soil Analysis
♠ Plant/ Animal Tissue Analysis
♠ Drill Cutting/ Mud Analysis
♠ Others, as may be needed by our clients

Production Chemistry Services

♠ Compatibility Test
♠ Crude Oil Fingerprint Analysis
♠ Formation Water Characterization
♠ Unknown Solids Characterization/ Identification
♠ Residual Triazine in Analysis
♠ Sand Cut and Particle Size Distribution
♠ Organic Acid Analysis
♠ Crude Assay

Microbiology Laboratory Analysis

♠ Microbiology Analysis
♠ Molecular Biology Analysis (DNA Sequencing)

Environmental Consultancy Services

♠ Environmental Training
♠ Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
♠ Post Impact Assessment Study (PIAS)
♠ Environmental Baseline Study (EBS)
♠ Environmental Evaluation Study
♠ Biodiversity Initiative Study
♠ Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping
♠ Environmental Modeling/Simulation Studies
♠ Due Diligence Investigation and Site Closure




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