POSITION: HYDROCARBON FLUID ANALYST   EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION: A minimum of 2.1 (second class upper) with a master’s degree or first class in Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Pure and Industrial Chemistry, or Gas Engineering.   GENERAL WORK RESPONSIBILITIES
  • Oil and Gas chromatography analysis
  • Flow assurance studies which include solid detection/solubility studies (asphaltene and wax precipitation onset studies, solvent titration studies, live oil titration studies, saturation pressure confirmation studies, chemical inhibition studies), asphaltene and wax content measurements, Saturates-Aromatics-Resins-Asphaltenes (SARA) group characterization of crude oil, cloud and pour point measurements.
  • Surface sampling of reservoir fluids to ensure that representative samples are taken which include a surface sampling of separator oil and gas, wellhead fluid, flow line fluid, fuel and flare gas, stock tank and export fluid, formation water, etc samples
  • Phase behaviour studies of reservoir fluids on bottom hole and separator samples which involves validation of surface and subsurface samples, restoration to ensure homogeneity of surface and subsurface samples, phase behaviour studies of reservoir fluids, constant-composition expansion test, differential liberation test, constant-volume depletion test, single and multi-stage separator test, atmospheric flash of sample from PVT cell to stock tank conditions to determine gas-oil ratio (GOR), formation volume factor, and shrinkage factor of the sample, hydrocarbon fluid compositional analysis using a gas chromatograph, oil-base mud contamination studies of reservoir fluid samples, live oil viscosity measurement, recombination of separator oil and gas samples to corrected field GOR or to a specified saturation pressure to produce reservoir fluid sample for reservoir condition analysis, transfer of reservoir fluid samples from samplers (MDT, RDT and RCI) to PVT piston cylinders, maintenance and calibration of DBR, Chandler and Vinci PVT cells and other laboratory equipment, water analysis
  • Operation, maintenance, and calibration of PVT equipment
  • Crude assay analysis: Reid vapor pressure measurement, basic sediments and water measurement, density, API and specific gravity measurements, sulfur content measurement, dead oil viscosity measurements
  • Water and hydrocarbon dew point measurement of natural gas
  • Detection and measurement of the quantity of contaminants in a hydrocarbon gas sample using a Drager instrument and tube
  • Ensured accuracy, validity, and completeness of experimental results
  • Reporting of PVT and flow assurance analysis measurements
Relevant experience may be an added advantage.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering 1st Class or 2nd class with a master’s in the above-stated field.
  • Relevant experience in Analytical Chemistry Laboratories (Preferred)
  • Advanced English language skills (Required)
  • Strong reasoning and mathematical skills (Required)
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) (Required)
  • Ability to lift/carry/push and/or pull upwards of 25 lbs on a frequent basis (Required)
  • Computer fundamentals, Internet Applications, Operating system of Windows, Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Effective communication in written and spoken English
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to work effectively in a team with a strong analytical mind
  • Self-motivated and target-oriented
  • Effective use of initiative
  • Ability to work under pressure to meet challenging targets
  • Physical and mental alertness
  • Ability to read and write a report
  • Ability to learn fast seeking continuous improvement
  • A positive work attitude
  • Ability to express technical information in a creative and simple manner
  • High level of integrity, transparency, and respect for people
  • Ability to think innovatively
  Not more than 30 years of age. Must have completed NYSC   To apply send your CV and credentials to hr@6ma.d1b.myftpupload.com Failure to attach credentials automatically disqualifies a candidate. Deadline: 31:10:2023
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