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Health, Safety and Environment Management System

Laser Engineering & Resources Consultants Limited as a company operates under a strategic set of business principles, supported by policies and business controls. This include Laser HSE MS which is in line OHSAS 18001, Company Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy and safe working procedures. The system requires that Laser Engineering operations be conducted following a systematic approach to HSE Management.


The Laser Engineering’s HSE MS ensures that:

  • Policies, objectives, organisational structure, responsibilities, standards, processes, procedures, controls and resources are defined and aligned to manage business HSE risks and impacts, according to defined standards.
  • Processes and procedures are in place to systematically identify, assess and control HSE risks to agreed performance standards and to recover from HSE incidents should they occur.
  • Performance standards are defined as part of a programme of performance monitoring, audit and review in support of continuous improvement.


Summary of HSSE & Community Development policy

It is our policy therefore to:

  • Ensure all personnel are medically certified fit for work and have access to health insurance scheme
  • Be committed to ensuring the safety of its employees, clients, contractors and third party by implementing best practices to prevent injury and accidents
  • Minimise negative environmental impact such as oil spill, emissions and discharges of substances that degrade the environment
  • Ensure that work is carried out in a healthy and safe environment while working conditions must be conducive and compatible with workers wellbeing
  • Recognise and understand security threat, thereby ensuring access control as a means of protecting life and property
  • Respond to the needs of our host communities and make sure we are part of community development efforts




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