PVT Studies

PVT Studies Service

Laser Engineering established the very first Mercury-Free state-of-the-art PVT Laboratory facility in West Africa. Our personnel are highly experienced in PVT fluid sampling, analysis and data interpretation. Our ability to offer real time video monitoring/recording of what happens in the cells or chambers during phase behavior and solid detection studies, gives us an edge over existing PVT laboratories in the sub-region.

Our PVT Laboratory services include:

  • Fluid Sampling & Storage of oil, gas & produced water
  • Hydrocarbon Fluids Compositional Analysis
  • Advanced Hydrocarbon Phase Behavior
  • Bubble/Dew Point Pressure determination
  • Constant Composition Expansion
  • Differential Liberation
  • Constant Volume Depletion
  • Separator Test/Flash Liberation
  • Flow Assurance Studies (Reservoir Export Tank)
  • Solid Detection (Asphaltene & Wax in live crude)
  • Emulsion Forming Tendency & Treatment
  • Fluids Compatibility Studies
  • Reservoir Oil Fingerprinting/Geochemical Analysis
  • Crude Assay
  • Tracer sampling & analysis
  • Water & Hydrocarbon Dew Point of Natural Gas




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